Keeping Children Safe in Summer Crowds

Amusement_Center,_Mission_Beach,_San_Diego,_Calif_(79119)Whether you are planning a family visit to Disneyland this summer or simply taking your kids down to one of San Diego’s beaches for the weekend, it is important to think about safety. Often, when we do not plan ahead, our children can sustain serious injuries in preventable accidents. How can you keep your kids safe in a large crowd this summer?

Safety Tips for Identifying Your Kids in Large Crowds

According to a recent report from ABC News and an article in Parent Herald, the following are some important safety tips for ensuring that your child does not get hurt in a large crowd this summer:

  • Carry liquid Band Aid with you. Not only does liquid Band Aid come in handy if your child gets a cut, but it also provides parents with a simple way of ensuring that your children’s identifying information remains with them even in the event that they get lost in a crowd. As ABC News explains, you can take a standard ball-point pen and write your name and phone number on your child’s arm, and then apply liquid Band Aid over the contact information. If you cannot find your child in a crowd, a nearby police officer, or even just another vacationer, can quickly reach you and help to reunite you with your child.
  • Buy glow sticks. Your kids might pester you to purchase glow sticks if you are at Disneyland or at the beach, but these toys can also help you to spot your child in the dark. Encourage your child to wear the glow stick as a necklace or bracelet, and after it gets dark, you will be able to see your kids more easily.
  • Wear bright-colored clothing. For years, parents have been hearing that they should dress their children in brightly colored clothing so that the kids can easily be spotted in a crowd. But it is also important for parents to wear clothes that can be easily spotted. Keep in mind that if you are nervously trying to find your child in a large crowd, your child may be nervously looking for you, as well. Before you arrive at your destination, ask your children to repeat what you are wearing (e.g., “a yellow shirt”).
  • Take a photo of your kids’ clothing. Just to ensure that you know what your kids are wearing, take a photo on your phone before you arrive at your destination.

Safety Tips for Staying Safe in Beach Crowds

What can parents do specifically to help ensure that their kids stay safe in beach crowds? It can be difficult to spot a child in distress in the water if too many people are around, and you might not be able to identify a dangerous rip current. According to an article in, the following are some important beach safety tips:

  • Know how to identify warning flags at the beach and adhere to those warnings;
  • Do not allow your children to play near the water unless they know how to swim;
  • Require your kids to use the buddy system when approaching the water;
  • Choose a place to swim that is very close to a lifeguard stand;
  • Be aware of rip currents;
  • Do not allow your children in the water when there are particularly strong waves;
  • Apply sunscreen to yourself and to your kids; and
  • Know how to identify sun-sickness or sunstroke.

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