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Most of us know that riding a motorcycle comes with the serious risk of being involved in a life-altering motorcycle accident. Indeed, a recent article from the San Diego Union-Tribune reminded readers about a San Diego City College student who recently lost a limb in a motorcycle collision after being struck by an automobile. Even the most careful riders can become victims of a debilitating crash. What can motorcyclists do to stay safe on the roads? According to a fact sheet from, an online portal that provides research tools to help consumers as they consider a motorcycle purchase, many of the most common motorcycle accidents are avoidable. All riders in the San Diego area should pay attention to these tips for motorcycle accident prevention.7737975658_eedb81ca82

What to Do When a Car Turns Left in Front of You

Cars turning left abruptly in front of motorcyclists are among the most common causes of a severe or fatal motorcycle accident. Automobile drivers often have difficulty determining the speed of a motorcyclist, and in some cases, those drivers simply do not see bikers at all. How can you avoid being involved in such a collision?

Fallbrook Man Dies in Fatal Crash

Motorcycle accidents can be extremely serious, and in many cases they result in fatal injuries. According to a recent article in U-T San Diego, a 46-year-old man from Fallbrook died in a motorcycle crash late last month. What happened? Based on testimony from the group members with whom he had been out riding and the California Highway Patrol officer who responded to the accident, the motorcyclist rode ahead of the others and “entered a curve at high speed, braked, and lost control of his motorcycle.” The rider “was thrown from the bike and hit his head [on] the metal guard rail.”

The force from the collision was so extreme that the motorcyclist’s helmet was knocked off, and the other riders found him “lying in the road, unconscious.” The accident occurred around 11:20 p.m. The motorcyclist was rushed to a hospital in Escondido by emergency responders, but he later died from the traumatic head injury he sustained in the crash.

The Deadliest Year for the Hit-and-Run?

Have hit-and-run accidents become a serious problem in the San Diego area?  At the beginning of the summer, we told you about recent data suggesting that San Diego County is experiencing increasing incidents of deadly hit-and-run crashes.  By June of 2014, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) catalogued more than 17,000 of these dangerous collisions.  Those accidents resulted in 60 fatalities, and left more than 7,000 seriously injured.

Are pedestrian fatalities becoming the norm in Southern California?  According to a recent story from NBC San Diego, deadly hit-and-run accidents continue to happen in our area.

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