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eric-parks-87099-copy-200x300Who is responsible for severe and fatal bicycle accidents that occur in San Diego? The answer to that question depends on the specific facts of the case, but a recent report from NBC 7 News San Diego emphasizes just how important it is to file a bicycle accident lawsuit in Southern California if another party’s negligence results in your injuries. As that report notes, the City Council for the City of San Diego came to a unanimous agreement to pay a $4.85 million settlement to a cyclist who sustained severe and debilitating injuries as a result of an accident caused by uneven pavement.

While many bicycle accidents involve negligent motorists who are not paying attention to their surroundings or motorists who are driving aggressively and strike cyclists, the recent settlement makes clear that matters of premises liability can also affect the rate of bicycle accidents in urban areas.

Details of the Bicycle Accident in San Diego

If you’re a nurse employed in a Southern California hospital, are you at a particularly high risk of sustaining a workplace injury? Over the last several months, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has been investigating healthcare workplace injuries due to a “sharp uptick” in reported incidents, according to a recent article from Fierce Healthcare. In response to its findings, OSHA has “announced a new initiative to drastically increase scrutiny among hospital nursing staff.” In other words, nurses are at serious risk of sustaining injuries on the job, and OSHA wants to curb these incidents.8116070408_bd74655b13

High Rates of Nonfatal Injuries Among Nursing Staff

According to a news release from OSHA about its new initiative, patient handling plays a significant role in healthcare workplace injuries. What kinds of numbers are we talking about? OSHA articulates that, “on average, U.S. hospitals recorded 6.4 work-related injuries and illnesses for every 100 full-time employees in 2013, compared with 3.3. per 100 full-time employees for all U.S. industries combined.”

When most of us think about unintentional injuries we’re at risk of sustaining, we rarely think about harms that could come to our eyes. However, according to a recent article in The San Diego Union-Tribune, eye injuries occur more often than you’d think. Indeed, the source of such an injury can “come from anywhere,” and “there’s nearly no limit on the ways that particles, chemicals, foreign objects, or small fragments can enter—or injure—an eye.” Yet as the article points out, there are important ways to prevent eye injuries from taking place, and there are proper ways to handle an eye emergency if it does happen.2579766928_9a5b9063fd

Common Types of Eye Injuries

As the article points out, unintentional eye injuries can result from activities that most of us are unlikely to expect, including but not limited to:

While many Southern Californians don’t immediately think about train transportation when considering ways to commute, Metro trains are popular ways of traveling for students and other residents of the Los Angeles area. To be sure, both local railroads and national passengers trains run through California, and it’s important to be safe when it comes to the possibility of a train accident.

According to a recent article from NBC Los Angeles, a Metro light rail train collided last week with an automobile near the University of Southern California, leaving a film student in “grave condition.” Officials reported that nine people who had been on the train, including the operator, were taken to the hospital following the car crash.

Details of the Metro Train Collision

Back in September of 2012, Andre Walker, 30, suffered a serious injury due to a “gopher-infested soccer field in Ocean Beach,” according to a recent article in U-T San Diesoccer-ballgo. Earlier this month, Walker won a $450,000 settlement after filing a claim against the city in August 2013. While the specific facts of the case may seem like something out of a fictional narrative, the settlement emphasizes the importance of seeking compensation for injuries resulting from premises liability injuries.

Have you suffered a personal injury because improperly maintained premises? You may be able to file a lawsuit to seek compensation for your injuries. Don’t hesitate to discuss your case with an experienced San Diego personal injury attorney.

Improperly Maintained Soccer Field

Home fires can be extremely dangerous, and they can result in severe and often fatal burn injuries. According to a recent article in U-T San Diego, an Oceanside woman died after her mobile home started on fire last week. In addition to this accidental death, the victim’s husband suffered serious burn injuries on his face and upper body.

Mobile Home Fire Causes Serious and Fatal Injuriesflames-300x200

The victim of the recent fire-related death was in her 60s, and emergency responders found her inside her bathtub. She and her husband lived in a mobile home at Lamplighter Mobile Home Park on North River Road in Oceanside. According to reports, firefighters arrived at the mobile home park at around 6:30 p.m. after receiving reports of “a double-wide home on fire” with “three people inside.”

Bike-Accident-InsuranceAlthough it’s wintertime, many Californians have the luxury of riding bicycles at any time of the year. However, bicycle accidents can be deadly, especially when they’re caused by distracted or aggressive driving. A recent article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported that a bicycle advocacy group, People Power, is hoping to create “bikeways near highway interchanges” in order to make those intersections safer for cyclists.

While these changes would only affect the Santa Cruz area in the most immediate terms, it’s very likely that bicycle advocacy groups across the state could push for additional measures to make bicycling a safer activity in the San Diego area.

Making Bicycle Transportation Safer

Every year, thousands and thousands of car recalls take place. For many Americans, hearing about a product defect can be very scary. But are all recalls emergency situations? A large number of these recalls aren’t going to have a serious effect on the drivers. According to a recent article from, numerous recalls happen for “less than perilous reasons.”

For example, “sometimes they’re for something as benign as a mislabeled sticker.” Or, in other cases, “durability tests find a suspension spring could wear out prematurely.” And even if your car is subject to a more serious recall, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll experience that problem. To be sure, “a vast majority of affected cars will never experience the potential problems outlined in a recall notice.”

Yet many of us aren’t always sure how to tell the difference between a relatively benign and a more serious recall. How can you learn specific details about recalls and whether you need to pay particular attention? And in the event that your car is recalled for a significant reason, what should you do?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can result from many different kinds of accidents; often, these serious and life-threatening injuries are not preventable. But if we know what kinds of accidents can put our kids at risk of a severe head trauma, can we work on better preventing these injuries from occurring?

Reasons for TBIs Shift from Cfile000478062624hildhood to Adulthood

A recent article on NPR discussed the different ways in which children sustain TBIs. Adults sustain brain injuries most often following involvement in a car accident, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Children, however, tend to sustain TBIs more frequently from falls. According to the article, the changes in the ways that children, teens, and adults suffer injuries tend to shift as “their forms of motion change.” And the types of fall-related injuries also vary depending upon the age of the child.

Did the NFL turn over a new leaf when it comes to traumatic brain injuries, or is the league attempting to paint itself in a better light in the media? According to a recent post in GeekWire, the NFL provided $3.5 million in funding for brain injury prevention projects across the country, including one in southern California.

Head Health Challe_DSC6907 (1)nges Allots Funds for Brain Injury Research Teams

In connection with Under Armour and GE, the league developed the “Head Health Challenge,” a plan designed to give researchers “funding to develop new ways to prevent, measure, and detect brain injury.” All in all, it is a $60 million initiative that will provide money to different groups in the months and years to come. The challenge was launched last year.

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