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When older adults fall in Rancho Bernardo, they often suffer severe injuries that require medical intervention. For quite some time, healthcare providers and researchers have known that falls are a leading cause of injury among older adults, resulting in devastating hip fractures, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and other serious harm that often requires long-term care. According to a recent article in The Washington Post, falls have increased among America’s elderly population in the last decade, and falls are now the leading cause of injury among older adults. That article notes that falls have become “the leading cause of injury among those 65 and older, even though not all falls result in an injury.” To be clear, older adults fall at a markedly high rate, and about 37 percent of people aged 65 and up who do fall require medical care as a result of the injury.

It is critical to know that falls are preventable, as the article points out, and a new report from NPR suggests that hearing aids may be a key way to reduce the rate of fall-related injuries among the elderly. What should you know? Our Rancho Bernardo personal injury attorneys can say more.

Hearing Loss Increases a Person’s Risk of Falling

If you slip and fall in Carlsbad — whether you are at a local store or restaurant, in a public park, or at the home of a friend or family member — is someone likely to be liable for your injuries? In other words, are you able to file a claim against a liable party in order to seek financial compensation? Determining liability for a slip and fall may be complicated, and it is important to discuss the details of your case with an experienced Carlsbad premises liability lawyer who can assess your case for you. In the meantime, you can learn more about parties who may be liable for slips and falls, depending upon the circumstances, and what you will need to do in order to file a civil lawsuit in order to seek compensation.

Parties Who are Commonly At Fault for Slips, Trips, and Falls

Who is usually at fault for a slip and fall? It all depends on the circumstances of the accident. Generally speaking, a property owner, property manager, or any other party in control of the property can be liable for a slip and fall if they fail to maintain the property in a reasonably safe manner. Accordingly, any of the following parties may be at fault in a slip, trip, and fall case:

Nobody plans to slip and fall when they are out to dinner in Poway or walking on a sidewalk for leisure or exercise. Yet slips, trips, and falls can happen almost anywhere in Southern California. While pedestrians can sometimes bear responsibility themselves for injuries sustained in a slip and fall, many slips and falls happen because a person who owns or rents property has been negligent in maintaining that property. Negligence can take many different forms, from failing to clean up a liquid spill on the floor to failing to repair or warn people about torn carpeting that poses a tripping hazard. What should you do if you slipped and fell in Poway? Consider the following steps.

Photograph the Area Where the Slip and Fell Occurred

First, take photographs of the area where the slip and fall occurred. In particular, be sure to document the hazard on the premises that caused you to slip, trip, or fall. That hazard might be a liquid spill, rough flooring, torn or damaged carpeting, or an area where lights were not working properly.

While grocery stores or supermarkets in Oceanside, California are a required weekly stop for most individuals and families, these are also retail establishments where serious accidents and injuries can occur. Although many injuries that happen at supermarkets result from slips and falls, grocery stores can also be places where struck-by injuries occur when products fall off a shelf unexpectedly, or where other types of premises liability accidents and motor vehicle collisions can occur. In many instances, the retail establishment is liable for injuries that occur on the property. Our experienced Oceanside personal injury lawyers want to tell you more about different types of slip, trip, and fall accidents that occur frequently in supermarkets in Southern California. 

Liquid Spills and Oceanside Slips and Falls

Liquid spills are a common cause of slips and falls in grocery stores throughout Southern California. It is often easy for liquid spills to occur when a customer accidentally knocks a jar off a shelf, and a liquid ends up spilling in the grocery aisle. If these kinds of liquid spills—of sodas, cooking oils, sauces, dressings—are not quickly cleaned up, a shopper might not even realize the floor is slick and can slip and fall.

Slips and falls can happen in many different ways and for many different reasons in and around Encinitas. Whether you got hurt in a slip and fall accident due to a liquid spill at a restaurant, or your child suffered a concussion in a slip and fall injury on a pool deck at a Southern California hotel, it is important to speak with an experienced Encinitas personal injury lawyer to learn more about your options for filing a claim for financial compensation. Yet you may be concerned that your own fault could prevent you from obtaining compensation after a slip and fall. For example, you might be thinking, “Even though that restaurant or grocery store did not clean up the liquid spill on the floor that caused my injuries, I was distracted because I was walking while texting on my smartphone.” Or, for instance, you might be wondering, “If my child slipped on a slick area of a hotel walkway, is the hotel still liable even if my child was running at the time?”

Here is what you need to keep in mind: California uses a “pure comparative fault” rule when it comes to determining damages in a personal injury claim, which is beneficial for plaintiffs who may be partially at fault. However, you should also know that, even if the possibility of your own fault is raised, you may be able to show that you are not responsible for your injuries. The following are steps you should take if you are concerned you are partially at fault for a slip and fall injury in Encinitas or elsewhere in Southern California.

Document the Scene Where the Slip and Fall Happened

ryan-wilson-18905-copy-300x300The San Diego area is full of swimming pools, from the private Rancho Bernardo Swim & Tennis Club to public pools managed by San Diego Parks & Recreation. When you visit a hotel pool, a public pool, or a swimming pool at the home of a friend or family member in or around San Diego County, it is important to be aware of slip and fall risks. People who own or manage properties including swimming pools owe a duty of care to customers (for private club and public pools) and to friends and family members (for private residential pools) who are on the property. 

Sometimes swimming pool slips and falls happen when nobody plans to swim but the area near the pool is slick from water, while slips and falls also happen to swimmers and sunbathers. We want to say more about preventing slip and fall injuries and provide clarification about liability in swimming pool slips and falls.

Keeping Areas Around Pools Safe

Slips and falls can be especially dangerous, especially when a victim falls from heights.  According to a recent article in U-T San Diego, a young 7-year-old boy sustained critical injuries after he fell “about 30 feet from a third-story window at a Del Mar hotel.”  How did this catastrophic hotel accident occur?  The Child Abuse Unit of the sheriff’s office currently is investigating the accident.  In some cases where serious falls occur, the hotel may have been negligent and can be held responsible for injuries.

Slip and Fall
Falls can occur anywhere, including when we’re on vacation.  If you or a loved one has sustained injuries at a hotel or motel, you should contact a San Diego hotel accident lawyer.  The experienced attorneys at the Walton Law Firm can discuss your personal injury case with you today.

Details of the Del Mar Hotel Accident

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