VIDEO: Imagine a World Without Lawyers

Watch this excellent video from the Consumer Attorneys of California about what lawyers are doing now, and have done for centuries, to protect the rights of individuals. I particularly like that it highlights California’s Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) and the injustice it has caused. Most people don’t realize that the non-economic damages caused by medical errors (non-economic = pain, suffering, and overall impact the injury has caused) cannot exceed $250,000.00…ever. That amount was set in the early 1970s and has never been adjusted. Imagine, if a young mother was killed by a negligent driver, a jury would deservedly give her surviving husband and children hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe millions. If a negligent doctor causes the death, her life can’t be worth more than $250,000.00.

Watch this:

Source: Consumer Attorneys of California

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