Walkway Collapses at San Diego Hotel, Guests Fall Into Water

The Bahia Hotel must be feeling a bit lucky today. On Saturday a walkway bridge that loads guests on and off the Bahia Belle bay cruiser collapsed, sending approximately 50 people, including an infant in a stroller, into the water. In what could have been a a very serious disaster, apparently no one was seriously injured.

Witnesses told NBC San Diego that about 100 people were waiting to get on the boat, but had to wait for those disembarking the boat to leave first. Staff from the Bahia Hotel told those waiting to move to the left to let leaving passengers get by when, without warning, the bridge gave way.

Robert Wait told NBC that “the bridge itself twisted like a snake, people were going off.” The actual drop to the water was approximately 15 feet.

“The next thing I knew I was thrown into about 3 feet of water with everyone else,” an anonymous witness said. “People went down all around me, a lot of people fell on top of other people, and a few people were still clinging to the dock. Everyone was confused, trying to get up.”

Two guests were transferred to a hospital with what were described as minor injuries minor injuries.

Source: NBC San Diego

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