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Electric bikes, or e-bikes for short, have become extremely popular in Southern California. As a report from NBC 7 San Diego points out, the cities of Carlsbad and Encinitas recently declared states of emergency due to deaths in e-bike crashes. Both adults and children alike are suffering serious and fatal injuries in collisions involving these forms of transportation, and while they remain popular and accessible, state legislators in California want to change the rules concerning their legality. In short, a new bill that remains before the state legislature “would prohibit kids under 12 from riding e-bikes and require an online test and license.” 

As the report underscores, the new bill is designed to “tighten e-bike rules” and to make it more difficult for riders to use e-bikes without any kind of safety training or knowledge. Our San Clemente personal injury attorneys can tell you more. 

Learning More About E-Bikes and Injury Risks in San Diego County

The City of San Marcos, California, emphasizes that electric bicycles, or e-bikes for short, have become “more popular than ever and allow people of many ages and abilities to enjoy cycling with assistance from an electric motor.” Indeed, e-bikes have become so popular that many Southern California cities have instituted specific rules concerning e-bikes, including where and how they can be used. Yet as e-bikes gain in popularity throughout California and the country, emergency departments are also seeing increasingly more injuries from e-bike accidents. 

While many Californians and visitors to the state have been reading about potential e-bike dangers for a few years now, are e-bikes actually much more dangerous than we thought? According to an article in Fortune, trauma specialists are concerned that “we’re on the front edge of a new order of danger on both bike paths and roadways.” What do you need to know about recent assessments of e-bike safety risks? Our San Marcos injury attorneys can say more.

E-Bike Injuries Increase Alongside Rise in Sales

Is e-biking in Encinitas and throughout San Diego County actually a safe activity, or are cyclists at risk of serious injury when using pedal-assisted electric bikes? A recent deadly e-bike accident in California highlights the serious risks associated with e-bikes and the need to consider safety issues, as well as liability, in the aftermath of a crash. Our experienced Encinitas personal injury attorneys can evaluate your bike accident case today and help you to determine your eligibility for filing a claim for financial compensation. 

Details of the Recent E-Bike Accident in California

For many California residents and visitors to the state, riding an e-bike can be a good way to enjoy the outdoors and to get some exercise, yet e-bikes are also extremely dangerous. According to a recent article in People Magazine, a mother recently sustained deadly injuries in an e-bike accident, and her two sons were injured. The accident occurred in San Juan Capistrano on the San Juan Creek Trail on a recent Saturday evening.

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