Media Consults Walton Law Firm on Dog Bite Case

San Diego’s Fox 6 News visited Walton Law Firm on Thursday to interview Randy Walton about the liability of dog owners whose dogs are involved in biting incidents. The interview was prompted by a vicious attack on a Spring Valley woman who was seriously injured by a large dog while walking in her neighborhood.

In California, Walton told Fox 6 News, the law is clear. If someone owns a dog, and that dog bites a human, the owner if the dog is strictly liable.

Walton, who deals with dog bite cases frequently, says it doesn’t matter whether or not the dog displayed aggressive behavior prior to the attack. He says there were over 2000 dog bite cases in San Diego County last year and he believes there may have been many more that weren’t reported. “Because people don’t report them that frequently, if it’s a dog that they know,” Walton says.

To read the full story or see the video report click here.

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