ADA Lawsuit Filings Appear To Be On The Rise

Solely based upon calls received by Walton Law Firm LLP, it appears that the numbers of ADA lawsuits are on the rise. In the past week we have received a number of calls from landlords and tenants who have been served with either ADA notices or lawsuits.

Most ADA lawsuits are filed by a disabled person who believes they are being denied reasonable access to a public place of business. In the typical commercial setting, it is the tenant who is responsible for ensuring their premises are in compliance with state and federal ADA guidelines although the landlord is almost always named as a defendant as well.

At Walton Law Firm LLP we are experienced in defending both landlords and tenants in ADA matters, in both state and federal courts. If you have been served with an ADA lawsuit and would like a free and confidential consultation please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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