Avoiding Summer Auto Accident Dangers in Carlsbad

Whether you are on the road heading to or from work, or you are driving up the California coast with your family for a weekend vacation, you should know that some types of accidents tend to happen more often in the summer than during other months. Winter weather collisions are not typically an issue in Southern California given that the weather is temperate year-round, but many of the summer and warm-weather accident hazards that exist throughout the country are certainly present in San Diego County and throughout the state in the summer. Travelers Insurance identifies some of the most common causes of car crashes from June through September. The following are tips for avoiding a summer auto accident.


  1. High Temperatures can Pose Dangers to Your Vehicle


High temperatures can wreak havoc on an automobile if it is not regularly and properly maintained. For example, if tires are underinflated and the weather is particularly hot, you could be at risk of a tire blowout while you are driving. Engines can also be at increased risk of overheating during the summer. Most of the vehicle-related risks that come with hot weather can be avoided if you have your vehicle serviced regularly.


  1. Be Aware of Construction on California Roadways


Construction work often takes place during the summer, especially on roads and freeways. When you are driving, it is important to be aware of the possibility of construction and the need to slow down accordingly. Roadside construction also means you should be prepared to move over to safely pass construction workers on the roadside.


  1. Keep Your Eye Out for Motorcyclists


Summer is a popular season for motorcyclists, and many motorcyclists who live in and visit California spend weekdays and weekends traveling on the Santa Ana Freeway, the Pacific Coast Highway, and many other major roads in Southern California. Motorcyclists are at particular risk of injury when they are involved in collisions with automobiles. What can you do to prevent a summer motorcycle crash? Always look before you change lanes—do not count on your mirrors alone, which can prevent you from seeing a motorcyclist in your blind spot.


  1. Be Careful About Fatigued Driving


Fatigued or drowsy driving can happen in any season, but more people tend to take longer vacations and road trips by car in the summer. Get enough sleep before you drive, and pull over if you feel too fatigued to focus.


  1. Watch for Bicyclists


The San Diego Tourism Authority acknowledges that, although bicycling is popular throughout the year in the area, it tends to be more common—particularly among tourists—in the summer months. As such, you should develop an increased awareness for bicyclists during the summer whenever you are on the road and are sharing that road with bicyclists.


Seek Advice from a Car Accident Lawyer in Carlsbad


Nobody anticipates a car accident when they turn on the car and hit the road. Yet motor vehicle crashes happen throughout the year, and there are particular risks associated with summertime driving. If you or someone you love sustained serious injuries in a car crash, you should seek advice from a Carlsbad car accident attorney about filing a claim. Contact the Walton Law Firm for more information about the services our firm provides to injured plaintiffs throughout Southern California.


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