California Car Accident Settlement Reached for $950,0000

Drivers, and most non-drivers, are familiar with the rules that govern the use of our roadways. For example, virtually everyone knows that drivers are required to stop at red lights and stop signs, signal before changing lanes, and yield to other drivers when merging into traffic. Most people also recognize the consequences of a failure to follow these rules, and anyone who has ever been a California car crash victim especially understands why such rules are so vital.

The traffic laws are designed with the express purpose of keeping motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists safe. When someone disobeys these laws, the results are often devastating. Such was the case for a woman who was severely injured in a crash that took place in Brawley, California. Ms. Archuleta was traveling at a speed of about 65 miles per hour when a truck driver failed to obey a “Yield” sign and entered her lane. Ms. Archuleta’s vehicle collided with the truck, and she sustained injuries so severe that the once-active and energetic 78-year-old woman is now unable to do the things she loved to do or even to care for herself independently.

Ms. Archuleta did what everyone should do in such a situation: she talked to a California injury attorney. Her attorneys filed a lawsuit, alleging that the driver of the truck was responsible for the horrific injuries she sustained. As is often the case in California personal injury cases, her California car crash lawyers were able to reach an agreement with the attorneys for the truck driver. Because her injuries were so severe, they settled the case for $950,000. Much of that money will go towards paying the medical bills she incurred as a result of the crash.

If Ms. Archuleta had not called a personal injury lawyer, it is unlikely she would have received anything close to that amount. All too often, especially in cases involving particularly bad injuries, the insurance company for the driver who was at fault will call the injured person and try to get him or her to agree to settle the case. People are often tempted to take these settlements because it may sound like a lot of money and because they usually don’t have the training to recognize how much their cases may be worth. Settling with the insurance company often leads to a situation where medical bills end up exceeding the amount that the insurance company paid to the injured party. Usually, an insurance company’s offer to settle is an indication that the company is nervous, and the case is worth a good bit more than what is being offered.

If you are injured in a car accident, you should always speak to a personal injury attorney before making any decisions. Our San Diego car accident lawyer offers free consultations, which allow clients to determine their rights without incurring any legal fees. In addition, many a client will often not be charged a fee at all unless they are able to recover some money for their loss.

Remember, insurance companies are not interested in protecting your rights; they are interested in protecting their own wallets. Always take the time to sit down with an attorney and discuss your rights and any claims you may have. It is always a worthwhile investment of your time.

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