California Man Awarded $2.8 Million after Suffering Brain Injury from Taser


A Northern California man was awarded $2.85 million in a settlement the maker of a stun-gun that was alleged to have caused permanent brain damage. The product manufacturer denied any liability, but agreed to pay the settlement.

According to reports, in October 2006, 49-year-old Steve Butler was intoxicated and off his psychiatric medications when he refused to get off a public bus. A police officer used a Taser X-26 from Taser International to subdue Butler, who went to cardiac arrest and stopped breathing. It took nearly 20 minutes for paramedics to resuscitate Butler, who suffered a major brain injury.

Nearly four years after the incident, Butler continues to have short-term memory problems, and a loss of mobility and motor skills. He cannot be left alone and requires 24-hour care. According to court documents, Butler is unlikely to recovery.

“This resolution will allow the Butler family to comfortably care for Steve for the rest of his life,” attorney Dana Scruggs said of the settlement.

The case was not an easy one. Court documents reveal that Butler had a pre-existing heart condition, and the taser manufacturer had prevailed in all previous lawsuits against it.

Source: Mercury News

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