Car Crashes into Restaurant, Kills Diner

A diner at Troy’s Burgers on York Boulevard was killed when a car crashed into the restaurant. Investigators still don’t know why a 19-year-old man drove into the restaurant. The driver apparently passed a roadside sobriety test and has told police that he doesn’t remember what happened.

As the dramatic video below shows, the family of Martha Pena is quietly eating at a table near the registers when the car plows into them. Pena was killed, and three other people were injured.

We are seeing more and more accidents like this one, where the negligent driver is not intoxicated, but does something reckless, often with tragic results, but without explanation. Of course, in the news we don’t get to see the follow up story, that explains why the accident occurred, but all indicators point to the use of a mobile device, such as texting. It would not be surprising at all to learn that his kid was texting at the time of the accident.

Also, where were the barriers? Now, it’s unclear how fast this guy was going at the time he slammed into the restaurant, but most buildings with parking lots that abut them have barriers to prevent this kind of tragedy. I wonder if Troy’s Burger had them.

Here is the raw video:


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