Carlsbad to Pay $2.9 Million Settle Motorcycle Accident Claim

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A two-year old lawsuit against the City of Carlsbad by a man who suffered brain injuries after a motorcycle accident on La Costa Avenue has settled his case for $2.9 million. In the lawsuit, plaintiff Frank Gaetani contended that conditions along La Costa Ave. were unreasonably dangerous, that the City of Carlsbad knew about, but failed to do anything about it. Carlsbad denied the allegations, stating that it could find no similar accidents like the one Gaetani suffered in the history of the road.

The accident was a serious one. Gaetani was riding his motorcycle near the 2700 block of La Costa Ave. near Calle Madero when he colloded with a large SUV being driven by a homeowner trying to exit her driveway. Gaetani suffered serious injuries, including permanent brain damage.

La Costa Avenue has been the subject of a long dispute between residents of the busy road and the City of Carlsbad. Residents have been lobbying for years to reduce the speed limit along the road, and Carlsbad has made some efforts to make the road safer. Because of development east of La Costa, the road has become a highly used artery for people trying to get to I-5.

Carlsbad says there will be several changes in the coming years to make the road even safer.

Source: North County Times

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