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FACTS: Last September 52-year-old Theodore Angle was struck and killed by an SUV while jogging at the intersection of Via Cordoba and Redhawk Parkway in Temecula. The SUV was turning onto Redhawk from Via Cordoba when it struck Angle.

Allegations were made that the intersection was dangerous when turning left from Via Cordoba, because traffic on Redhawk blocks the line of sight for those turning right. Angle’s neighbor sent a letter to the City Council commenting on the dangerousness of the intersection, and recommending changes. Last week, Temecula’s Public and Traffic Safety Commission vote against making significant changes to the intersection.

It was stated by the city’s engineer that there have only been two accidents at the intersection since 2004, and also stated that proposed changes could actually make the intersection more dangerous.

FACTS: A 16-year-old female student as Scripps Ranch High School was accidentally run over in the high school’s parking lot. According to reports, the victim and other students were socializing in the parking lot just after school, apparently sitting on the asphalt. A 16-year-old male student then got into his car, started the engine, and proceeded to drive away. It is unclear what happened next, but apparently several of the victim’s friends were able to move out of the way, but not the victim, who was run over by male student driver.

Sadly, the girl was seriously injured. According the news reports, she suffered internal injuries, including a lacerated liver, and facial trauma.

LIABILITY ANALYSIS: General tort principles would apply to a case such as this. The male driver would be liable for any and all damages caused by his negligence, but that liability would be reduced by the comparative fault of the victim, if any.

FACTS: During a routine traffic stop in East San Diego County, police discovered an elderly woman bound and gagged in the back seat of the Dodge Magnum. According to reports, 75-year-old Natalie Vinje was kidnapped from her home on Friday night, and bound with duct tape. It was discovered that she had been beaten, and police speculate she may have been on the way to her death.

Police say one of the suspects arrested in the crime worked for a carpet company and sold the victim an vacuum cleaner on Monday. After he had performed work for the victim, he returned later that evening with accomplices to commit the crime. Three people have been arrested.


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