Dealing with “Intexticated” Drivers in Escondido

If you get behind the wheel of a car in Escondido or elsewhere in Southern California, you should not have to worry that you will be at risk of getting hurt in a serious crash caused by a motorist who is texting while driving. Yet despite California’s ban on texting while driving, many motorists continue to engage in this dangerous practice, putting themselves and other vehicle occupants, pedestrians, and bicyclists on the road at risk of injury. According to a recent press release from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, it can help to underscore the severe accident risks that come with texting while driving by thinking about this type of distracted driving as “intexticated” driving. Indeed, the press release urges motorists: “Don’t drive intexticated.” 

As you can see, AAA takes the idea of intoxicated driving — a behavior that everyone knows can often be deadly — and uses similar language to describe texting while driving. What do you need to know about intexticated driving and seeking compensation after a crash?

What is “Intexticated” Driving?

Maybe you have not yet heard about “intexticated” driving, but you have likely heard of intoxicated driving. As AAA emphasizes, referring to the act of texting while driving as “intexticated” driving helps to underscore that certain forms of distracted driving can be just as dangerous and deadly as drunk or drugged driving. Indeed, as AAA points out, “handheld or hands-free device use delays a driver’s reactions as much as having a blood alcohol concentration at the legal limit of .08%.”

The only way to avoid an “intexticated” driving crash is to avoid using your phone — in a handheld or hands-free manner — while you are behind the wheel. If you consider reaching for your phone, consider whether you would also be willing to take a chance of driving after having too much to drink. While many motorists also admit to intoxicated driving (even if they have not been cited), far fewer drivers are willing to drink and drive than to text and drive.

Learning More About Distracted Driving Collisions

Distracted driving is a serious problem in California and throughout the country. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) clarifies, distractions can take three different forms: visual distraction, manual distraction, and cognitive distraction. When it comes to texting while driving, a motorist often experiences all three types of dangerous distractions.

The CDC reports that more than 3,000 people are killed and approximately 424,000 injured in distracted driving crashes. If you got hurt in a crash that you believe resulted from distracted driving, it will be essential to gather evidence that proves the driver was texting while driving (or engaged in another type of distraction) at the time of the accident.

Contact an Escondido Car Accident Attorney for Assistance

Were you recently injured in Escondido or elsewhere in Southern California by a distracted driver? It is important to know that you could be eligible to file a claim for financial compensation. It is important to get in touch with an Escondido car accident attorney who can help you to determine liability in the case and to begin gathering evidence that proves the at-fault driver was texting while driving when they caused the crash. Contact the Walton Law Firm to begin working on your claim with our Southern California injury attorneys.

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