Defective IKEA Beach Chair Could Pose Injury Risk to San Diego Residents

MYSINGSO-byk-300x116Did you recently purchase a beach chair at the IKEA store in San Diego on Fenton Parkway? While IKEA can be a great option for purchasing reasonably priced furniture, a recent report from the Newport Beach Patch indicates that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a safety recall of a number of the furniture store’s beach chairs due to the risk of a fall-related injury and the risk of fingertip amputation. To be clear, these chairs have a product defect and can pose an unreasonable risk of injury. If you bought a beach chair at IKEA between February 2013 and December 2016, it is extremely important to learn more about this recall and to take steps to avoid sustaining a preventable personal injury.

How Many Products Have Been Impacted By the Recall?

According to the report, thus far around 33,400 IKEA chairs have been recalled due to the risk of injury. The specific chair that is subject to the recall is the IKEA MYSINGÖ beach chair. They came in a variety of colors, but the chairs have a basic structure in common – they are all foldable and they have a wood base. Each has a polyester fabric seat attached. You can identify the recalled chairs based on the article numbers, which are smaller labels that should be present on the wooden frame of the chair, as well as sewn into the fabric. The following models are subject to the recall:

  • Light Red/Blue Striped (article number 902.280.08);
  • Red/Blue Striped (article number 302.580.79);
  • Solid White (article number 502.851.66);
  • Solid Red (article number 802.873.95);
  • Solid Green (article number 002.931.40);
  • Grey/White Chevron (article number 303.120.24);
  • Light Blue/White Chevron (article number 503.5120.23); and
  • Light Red/White Chevron (article number 003.120.25).

Severe Personal Injuries Reported from Defective Product

Currently, the furniture company has received 13 different reports of incidents involving the IKEA MYSINGÖ beach chair, and 10 individual reports of personal injuries. In six of those cases, consumers suffered from a fingertip amputation. Three of the reported injuries and one fingertip amputation occurred in the United States. These defective products were sold at IKEA stores, as well as online, between February 2013 and December 2016 for the cost of around $25.

What should you do if you have one of these chairs? First, you should immediately stop using it. Even if you have used it previously and have not been injured, the defects in the chair still could lead to a fall-related injury or a fingertip amputation injury. Next, you should return the chair to IKEA to receive either a full refund or a replacement beach chair. The replacement beach chairs, according to the report, “have plastic stoppers that prevent incorrect re-assembly.” If you are not currently able to bring your chair into a store, you can call IKEA’s toll-free number or visit the company’s website.

Contact a San Diego Product Liability Lawyer

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