Defective Pool Filter Under Scrutiny

Almost three years ago, Jim Halverson of Danville suffered fatal injuries when his pool’s two-piece kettle style filter exploded and struck him in the head. Since that time, his wife Sue has made it her mission to make sure this kind of terrible accident doesn’t happen again.

Sue has started a website, to highlight and warn about the dangers of this particular pool filter, which is being used on hundreds of pools today. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, which tracks such explosion incidents, says that there have been at least 22 similar incidents since 1982, for of those resulting in death.

The two-piece pool filter at issue here is held together by a clamping system that critics say loosens over time. This creates a weakness between the filter pieces, creating a volatile danger when pressure builds.

“The original design is so dangerous,” said Michael Workman, a North Carolina-based attorney, “(Manufacturers) would say it is easier to clean if you just have to take off the clamp.”

Last November, Sue received an undisclosed settlement of a lawsuit against the pool filter manufacturer.

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