Doctor “Brands” Patient in Surgery, Gets Sued

We have all heard about arrogant doctors (and lawyers for that matter), but this guy wins the prize. Dr. Red Alinsod, a Laguna Beach gynecologist was sued for branding his patients name into her uterus using a cauterizing device.

According to reports, Dr. Alinsod carved the name “Ingrid” into the uterine wall, in inch-high letters, because he did not want to get her uterus “confused” with others. Though he apparently conceded it is not standard practice to tag his patients during surgery, he said he felt it was no big deal since he was really good friends with the patient (but obviously not as good as the thought).

The lawsuit came about after the patient, Irene Paulicivic, complained to Dr. Alinsod of burns to her legs that she believed occurred during the operation. During the visit, Paulicivic asked for copies of images taken during the operation. When Alinsod hesitated in giving them to her, Paulicivic sensed something was wrong. When her named appeared (rather obviously) in the pictures, she was stunned.

To read the lawsuit, click here.


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