Dog Bites More Likely in Hot Weather

While the weather is relatively warm in Valley Center and in Southern California throughout the year, the summer months can be particularly hot. According to a recent study in Scientific Reports, dog bites and animal attacks may be more likely to occur when the weather is particularly warm. The study’s findings suggest that not only could dog bite injuries be more likely to occur in the summer in California than in other months, but the state’s year-round warm weather could help to explain the very high rates of dog bites in Southern California. In addition, the study links air pollution to higher rates of dog bites, as well, which could be another factor playing a role in the total number of dog bite injuries in San Diego County and Los Angeles County.

Learning More About Dog Attacks in Southern California

Rates of dog bites and dog attack incidents are highest in California nearly every year. Indeed, according to, the state of California routinely has the highest number of dog bite fatalities, and its cities frequently have high rates of dog bite incidents. 

Every year, the U.S. Postal Services also publishes a list of the worst cities for dog bites in the United States, and several California cities annually make the list. On the 2023 list, Los Angeles was listed as the second-worst city in the country for dog bites, with a total of 48 reported incidents, and San Diego was the fifth-worst city in the country, with a total of 39 reported dog bites. In terms of the worst states overall for mail carriers, California has continued to rank as the “worst” state, according to the U.S. Postal Service. In 2021, there were a total of 656 identified dog bite incidents, and that number rose in 2022 to a total of 675 dog bite incidents across the state. Those numbers are significantly higher than — and, in fact, almost double — the second-worst state of Texas, where dog bite numbers totaled 368 in 2021 and 404 in 2022.

Are Hot Weather and Air Pollution to Blame?

Does hot weather increase the likelihood of a dog bite? And does an increase in air pollution increase that risk? Researchers suggest that the answer is yes.

According to the authors of a recent study published in Scientific Reports, “dogs, or the interactions between humans and dogs, are more hostile on hot, sunny, and smoggy days, indicating that the societal burden of extreme heat and air pollution also includes the costs of animal aggression.” As the researchers explain, the conclusion should perhaps be obvious to many people, given that we know “humans commit more violent crimes when temperature and air pollution is higher.” Other mammals, including dogs, can also be negatively impacted by extreme weather and can become more aggressive in response to it.

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