Dog Bites a Major Problem in San Diego County

Walton Law Firm has handled many cases involving bite injuries caused by dogs, but none were more sympathetic than one we just settled. Our client was an elderly woman in her 70s who was attacked by two bulldogs has she walked her small poodle around her complex. The bulldogs knocked her to the ground, and bit her and her poodle repeatedly before help could arrive. She suffered numerous puncture wounds and a broken arm. We recently represented another victim in Escondido.

The San Diego County Department of Animal Control was called to investigate, and ultimately ruled that the bulldogs were considered dangerous and placed in quarantined. The “dangerous” label placed on the dogs stunned their owners, who, like most owners involved in dog bite cases, testified that the dogs showed no previous propensity for harm, and were nothing more than lovable pets up until the time of the attack. Because of the dangerous findings, the Animal Control placed several onerous restrictions on the dogs, and the owners opted to have the dogs euthanized. It was tragic event all around.

According to statistics, there were 2,277 dog bites last year in San Diego County, but the actual numbers are more likely twice that amount, as most bites occur on people who know the dog’s owner personally and fail to report the event. Yet despite the large number of bites, only 17 dogs were euthanized because of dangerous behavior.

The Animal Control offers the following dog safety tips:

● Do not approach or play with an unfamiliar dog.
● Do not run from a dog or scream. Remain motionless.
● If knocked over by a dog, roll into a ball, lie still and cover head and face.
● Do not disturb a dog that is sleeping, eating or caring for puppies.
● Disregard stereotypes about dangerous breeds.

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