Dog Owners Arrested After Vicious Attack

The owners of the two pit bulls who attacked and maimed 75-year-old Emako Mendoza have been arrested. The San Diego County Department of Animal Services have arrested the Alba and Carla Cornelio in connection with the attack, but it’s not clear what crimes they will be charged with. The two women were booked into Las Colinas Detention Center. Bail was set at $900,000 for the daughter, Carla Cornelio, and according to news accounts, the mother, Alba, was “not eligible for bail.” The authorities clearly view these crimes as serious with such a high bail. Probably because the two dogs that attacked Ms. Mendoza were responsible for another attack on a person last Christmas.

Jail%20001l.jpgThis was without a doubt one of the most egregious dog attacks in San Diego history. Ms. Mendoza suffered near-fatal bites, and treatment for her injuries had included the amputation of her leg. Though the attack was two weeks ago, she remains in critical condition at Scripps Mercy Hospital.

The dogs that attacked Ms. Mendoza have both been euthanized, but that is of little solace to Ms. Mendoza’s husband, who has stated that he intends to bring a civil action against the dog’s owners. “I hope these people have plenty of money because I am going to sue them for plenty,” he said. But the reality is these folks probably don’t have the money or the insurance to adequately cover the damages suffered by this family.


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