Elderly Menifee Woman Severly Injured by Attacking Dogs

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Two pit bull terriers were confiscated and quarantined on Tuesday after they attacked and severly bit and elderly woman while walking in the Menifee neighborhood where she lives. Witnesses say Lona Bishop, 86, was attacked early Tuesday morning on Buckwheat Road in the southern part of Menifee.

Witnesses say that Bishop was badly hurt, and had large bites on her wrist and upper arm. A relative of the victim told the North County Times that the victim was taken to Loma Linda Medical Center where she will require surgery.

Neighbor Chris Aery said he was getting ready to leave the home when he heard his dogs barking in an unusual manner. He went outside he could hear Bishop screaming for help. He ran to help, and used a golf club that Bishop was carrying to chase the dogs away.

The dogs were confiscated by the Ramona Humane Society Animal Shelter because there were no records that the animals had been properly vaccinated. According to reports, the owner of the dogs lives in Oxnard, and was visiting his father, Pete Morales, who also lives on Buckwheat Road.

Aery told reporters that the pit bulls have been a problem along Buckwheat Road for quite some time, and that recently a new litter of puppies were seen on the property.

Walton Law Firm handled a very similar case to this recently when an elderly woman from Carlsbad was attacked by roaming English Bulldogs. She too suffered cuts to her arms, and also suffered a broken wrist. A lawsuit was brought against the owners of the dogs, and a settlement was obtained on behalf of the victim.

Source: North County Times

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