Elderly Pedestrian Killed While in Crosswalk

The San Diego pedestrian injury attorney at the Walton Law Firm learned that 83 year old Dorothy Stephens of La Mesa, California was struck and killed by a van on Monday. According to CBS 8 News, Stephens was crossing the street in a crosswalk at the 10800 block of Calle Verde in Ranch San Diego with a 77 year old friend around 6:30 in the evening.

Stephens was taken to a nearby park in preparation to be picked up by an air ambulance. Unfortunately, she died before the air ambulance arrived. Her friend was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for serious injuries. The Medical Examiner’s Office and California Highway patrol reported that a 55 year old man from La Mesa was driving the Chevrolet Express 3500 that hit the pair as they crossed the street. According to witnesses he was not speeding. The California Highway Patrol is currently investigating the accident to determine any fault. pedestrian.jpg

Pedestrian Accidents
In an accident involving a pedestrian and an automobile, the incident most often ends with extremely severe consequences for the pedestrian, no matter who was at fault. Sadly, as was the case in the accident described above, it is not uncommon for the injuries to be fatal. However, death is not the only serious consequence for pedestrians. Pedestrians can be left with serious injuries, such as brain trauma, various levels of paralysis, broken bones, cosmetic injury, and more. These types of injuries can not only leave victims with physical pain, but with large medical bills and long term care requirements that can be financially debilitating.

Remedies for Victims
If there are criminal factors at play in an accident between a pedestrian and an automobile, a criminal case will be brought against the party believed to be at fault.

However, whether or not a party violated the law, those injured may have civil remedies available to them. For example, if a serious injury results from an accident, such as paralysis, then the victim can seek money damages as compensation for their losses. These losses can include such items as medical bills, lost income, and payment for any necessary long term care.

At those times it is important for those affected to seek out a legal professional with experience in pedestrian accidents who can help them determine what compensation they may be owed. An attorney can also ensure that various legal standards are met, such as any applicable statute of limitations, in order to successfully proceed with a civil personal injury case.

Getting Help in Southern California
The San Diego personal injury lawyers at the Walton law Firm can help you if you have been involved in any type of accident, including pedestrian injuries. If you received injuries as a pedestrian from any accident it is important to seek legal help in order to protect your rights. Contact the Walton Law Firm toll free at (866) 607-1325 or locally at (760) 571-5500 for a free and confidential consultation about your case.

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