Harley Riding Law Professor Wins With Former Student

Law professor Jane Siegel has spent more than two decades doing the things she loves: teaching law students and lawyers, and riding her Harley Davidson motorcycle. Last June, however, when the retired Marine Corp Colonel was riding to work on the southbound I-15 in Escondido, California, she was clipped by a Volkswagen Beetle car who merged into her lane without looking. Jane and her bike went down hard, and at 60 miles per hour she somersaulted across the concrete freeway before coming to a rest. As one would imagine, the injuries were severe. Jane was alive, but she had numerous broken bones requiring surgery, and spent the next several months in hospitals, rehab facilities, and at home in bed.

When well enough, she knew she needed legal representation, and many lawyers to choose from considering she had over the years trained several hundred San Diego lawyers. When it came time to pick up the phone she called Randy Walton at Walton Law Firm, a lawyer she taught over 20 years ago, and one she had always respected. The feeling was mutual. Randy was honored to take the case of his former professor, someone he always admired.

Here at Walton Law Firm we love happy endings. Jane is healing well and back on her motorcycle, and Randy was able to get Jane a very sizable monetary recovery for the damages she suffered in her motorcycle accident. In her appreciation for the work of Walton Law Firm, Jane sent Randy the following letter:

21 February 2017

Dear Attorney Randy Walton,

I am writing to thank you with all of my heart for the work that you did for me after my near fatal motorcycle accident.  Although the Harley that I was riding did not make it through the accident, I did.  But I only made it after almost five months in the hospital and various surgeries.  You made that long, painful voyage tolerable.  You came to visit me at each stage of my recovery just to check in on me and did all the heavy lifting with three different insurance agencies and multiple hospitals.  If it was not for your outstanding negotiating skills, legal writing and amazing personality I would not have been made whole in the settlement.  You are not only an amazing lawyer but you are a caring and decent person.

I am a retired Marine Corps colonel and was a lawyer in the Marines for over 24 years.  I have been teaching lawyers, legal officers, paralegals and both military and civilian judges.  I have been teaching civilian law students since 1994.  I have supervised and evaluated hundreds and hundreds of attorneys across the United States and in Japan.   I remember you from over 20 years ago when you were a law student and even back then you were head and shoulders above your contemporaries.  I may have taught you something about a being a trial lawyer, but when I needed someone to navigate the extremely complex area of personal injury, I knew where to go.  You needed to teach me!  You did and you never left my side and left me with questions which were unanswered.  I am forever in your debt.

I am back to riding my Harley Davidson TriGlide and I will carry you in my heart for good luck.  Of all the attorneys I have dealt with since 1975, you are in the top 1% of all of them.  I was the victim and you made me a winner.  I would enthusiastically recommend you to anyone who needed a personal injury lawyer.  You are the King!!!!!


Jane L. Siegel

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