Hit and Run Ends in Second Crash

Our San Diego automobile accident attorneys appreciate that many auto accidents leave great devastation in their wake The severity of an accident often hinges on the smallest of details–the exact angle of a collision, the speed of a car, the presence of witnesses to help afterward and similar issues.

Incidents that might have been fatal often end up without serious injuries thanks to these fluke circumstances. For example, what could have been another devastating accident had a much happier ending thanks to two good samaritans recently. According to 10 News a Nissan Altima was involved in a crash with another vehicle at an intersection on San Miguel Ranch Road in Chula Vista California last week. The driver of the Altima attempted to leave the scene of the car crash at a high rate of speed and ended up slamming into a nearby palm tree located on the side of the road. Moments after the second collision occurred the Altima caught fire. Thankfully two witnesses came to the aid of the driver and female passenger, pulling them both from the burning vehicle. According to witnesses, upon being pulled from the vehicle the female passenger fainted. The driver of the Altima was pulled to the side of the road and appeared to have a broken foot. Both the Altima driver and passenger were taken to a local hospital. The driver was subsequently arrested by the California Highway Patrol for hit and run and on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Without the presence of the bystanders and their courage in working to help those injured, this situation could have been much worse.

Of course, this recent case is an example of yet another common theme in accidents: the negligence of one of the drivers. In this case, the party likely responsible for the first crash tried to flee the scene. Hit and run accidents occur all too frequently across America. Often these accidents leave victims with severe consequences and the person at fault is never brought to justice. The report does not provide enough details to confirm who was at fault during the first crash, however if it was the Altima driver who was at fault, the victims of the crash may have found it difficult to demand accountability if the drivers were never found.

The Southern California personal injury lawyers of the Walton Law Firm know that hit and run accidents can be amongst the most devastating accidents as no one can be held at fault for the victim’s damages. However, all car accidents, no matter how minor, can have big emotional, physical, and financial repercussions for the victim and the victim’s family.

That is where the civil justice system steps in. The basic principles are straightforward. Under the civil law, a negligent party must provide compensation to another party hurt by their negligence. The compensation is commensurate with the total losses caused by the accident, including personal injury, property damage, and emotional suffering. These cases are often negotiated before needing to go through the entire civil justice process (a trial and verdict). However, it is important not to forget that one still needs an advocate on their side when working on these issues. Insurance companies are almost always involved and their interests are virtually never aligned with those hurt in the case seeking recovery. car%20fire.jpg
The San Diego auto accident lawyers at our firm have represented the victims and their families of all types of auto accidents successfully. Following an accident it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible in order to ensure that the proper investigation is completed in order to protect your rights, as well as to ensure that the appropriate legal action is commenced within the proper statutory time limit.

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