Hot Air Balloon Accident Leaves Four Injured

It’s not very often that we hear about hot air balloon accidents. However, hot air balloon rides can be very dangerous, and the owners or operators of the hot air balloon may be liable for resulting burn injuries and other catastrophic damages. Earlier this month, a hot air balloon took off in Southern California over some of the wine country in Temecula, according to an article in US News. Just after the hot air balloon landed, it exploded and caused serious injuries to four people who had been onboard. What kinds of injuries are usually sustained during a hot air balloon accident? And can the victims file negligence claims, seeking recovery for their injuries?


Hot air balloon cases can involve a number of different types of claims, including those similar to motor vehicle accidents and those connected to burn injuries, as we mentioned, as well as other serious disfigurements. In some circumstances, you may even be dealing with a product defect or a wrongful death lawsuit. While riding in a hot air balloon over Riverside County wine country may sound like a relaxing feat, it ended in serious injuries for the victims earlier in November. If you or a loved one have sustained injuries in any type of motor vehicle accident, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact the California burn injury lawyers at the Walton Law Firm today to learn more about filing a claim.

Details of the Temecula Hot Air Balloon Explosion

After witnesses saw the balloon exploded, news originally circulated that the hot air balloon had crashed, according to an article in NBC Los Angeles. However, the article reported that “officials later clarified that the balloon landed safety before a small explosion occurred.” The balloon landed at 7:44 a.m. on a Saturday morning close to the Temecula vineyards at Vino Way and Calle Cabernet.

According to Mark Annas, the Riverside County Fire Department spokesman, visitors to the Southern California wine region often sign up for these hot air balloon trips, which have grown immensely popular due to the Temecula Valley scenery. There are 35 member wineries across a total of 35,000 acres, according to the Temecula Valley Wine Grower’s Association.

A total of five passengers had been in the vehicle when it exploded, and four suffered serious injuries. Of those victims, the Riverside County Fire Department reported that one was rushed to a burn center. Two other victims were transported to a trauma center, while the third was rushed to a local hospital.

Since the incident occurred, it has been under investigation by the Federal Aviation Agency and the National Transportation Safety Board. The cause of this injurious explosion remains unclear.

Filing a Lawsuit After a California Hot Air Balloon Accident

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a hot air balloon accident? You may be dealing with severe burns and other life-altering injuries. Who can you sue for compensation? Only an experienced personal injury lawyer can assess the specific elements of your case, but it’s important to know that California law takes into account the potential hazards of hot air balloon travel.

Essentially, all commercial air operators have to provide certain insurance coverage in order to operate their vehicles in California. Under California Code Section 5513, anyone “owning, controlling, operating, renting, managing, furnishing, or otherwise providing transportation by hot air balloon for hire” must have particular liability insurance coverage in the case of an accident.

Have you been injured in an accident? It’s never too soon to contact an experienced California injury lawyer. At the Walton Law Firm, we have years of experience handling claims connected to motor vehicle accidents, burn injuries, and product liability. Hot air balloon accidents might be extremely unlikely, but the recent Temecula explosion reminds us that they do happen, and they cause serious injuries. Contact us today to discuss your claim.

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