Injuries to Distracted Pedestrians on the Rise

We have heard a lot in recent years about the dangers associated with talking or texting while driving. But what about walking? According to a new report, injuries caused by distracted pedestrians are on the rise.

The New York Times is out with an article on the subject, discussing a survey done by Ohio State University. According the the survey, more than 1,000 pedestrians visited emergency rooms at hospitals in 2008 because then were distracted while walking and either tripped and fell, or ran into something. That is double the amount from the previous year, and four times the number in 2006. Thankfully, most of the injuries are minor, but there have been deaths.

Examples of such injuries include a 16-year-old boy who walked into a telephone pole while texting and suffered a concussion; a 28-year-old man who tripped and fractured a finger on the hand gripping his cellphone; and a 68-year-old man who fell off the porch while talking on a cellphone, spraining a thumb and an ankle and causing dizziness.


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