Is Talking On Mobile Phone While Driving Really More Dangerous?


Researchers from the University of Chicago and the London School of Economics a published a research paper which concludes that there is no statistical link between be the use of a cell phone while driving and car accidents.

“Using a wide array of data on crashes, ownership, cell phone plans, average call likelihood, as well as rare datasets of actual cell phone calls, we find no evidence that an exogenous rise in call volume, induced by the change in cellular prices, leads to an increase in crashes,” the researchers wrote in a paper published December 10, 2010.” (Driving Under the (Cellular) Influence)

Much of the research was conducted by analyzing California cell phone use records and car accident data during peak usage times. If there was a correlation between use of the phones and crashes, the researchers posited, there should be an increase in accidents during those times of peak phone usage. There was not.

The researchers, of course, do not suggest that using a cell phone while driving is without dangers, and recommend that use of the phones be limited.

To read the entire research paper click here (.pdf)

Source: San Diego Union Tribune

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