Lawsuits from Medi-Spa Treatments on the Rise

The medical spa (or medi-spa) industry is booming, but the growth hasn’t been all good. With more customers seeking beauty treatments through medical treatments (such as laser hair and scar removal) more and more of these “patients” are suing for medical malpractice.

Lawyers who represent medical malpractice plaintiffs believe there is going to be a huge increase in malpractice cases arising from medi-spa care. One reason is the sheer number of these spas. In 2004 there were only 471 in the U.S., now there are almost two thousand. Another is that these medical facilities are lightly regulated.

For example, in Arizona, a woman recently sued Timeless Laser & Skin in Maricopa County alleging she was “severely burned and scarred” during laser hair removal procedure. And in another Arizona case, a man sued Neos Medspa over scarring, “extreme pain” and burning from a laser hair removal procedure done on his shoulders and back.

The plaintiff’s bar is starting to see more and more of these cases.

“I believe we’re seeing the beginning of this industry being targeted,” san Jill Goldsmith, a Phoenix lawyer. “Both mom-and-pops and chain companies have sprung up around the country in the past few years, creating a new billion-dollar industry and litigation hot spot.”

As expected, the spa industry has a different view. Lynne McNees, the president of an international spa trade organization says that medi-spas adhere to established policies and procedures. Patients should bear some of the responsibility. “It is important to be an advocate for yourself and do your homework before visiting any spa,” she said.

Source: / The National Law Journal

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