Marines Help Auto Accident Victims

Here’s a good story. As Capt. Thomas Schwabenbauer was on his way to the Marine Combat Center from San Diego last Sunday, he heard a crash as he was traveling on westbound I-10. He looked up to to see an SUV up in the air.

“The first thing I remember thinking was I knew I had to get over there as fast as possible. It was go time,” said Schwabenbauer.

The SUV was had a tire failure and rolled several times before stopping, upside down in the right lane.

“When I got to the side of the road, I saw there was a lady inside,” he said. “I jumped inside and got her seat belt off, but I noticed her leg was stuck between the car and the ground. We had to rock the car up in order to pull her out.”

Once she was removed, Schwabenbauer could see the severity of her injuries, which included major damage to her lower leg. He then used her belt as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, and comforted the woman to keep her from going into shock.

Schwabenbauer had medical training in the Marine Corp, and used that knowledge at the scene. Authorities have credited Schwabenauer, and his Marine friend Lance Cpl. James Nielsen, with saving the woman’s life.

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