Minor Head Injuries Can Turn Major…Fast

A patient with a serious head injury can appear “deceivingly normal at first,” according to Dr. Carmelo Graffagnino of Duke University. Even though the injury may appear minor, and not particularly painful, over-time it can develop into a serious and irreversible injury.

That may be what is happening to actress Natasha Richardson, who is reportedly in very serious condition in a New York hospital after suffering a fall while skiing. According to reports, the fall occurred on a beginner’s slope, and appeared to cause no serious harm at the time.

Brain%20Photo%2002.jpg According to doctors, minor head trauma can cause an epidural hemorrhage, where blood gets trapped between the skull and the layer of skin between the bone and the dura matter. Blood flowing from the hemorrhage then builds and punctures the dura.

Dr. Graffagnino says the initial fall or injury doesn’t have to be hard at all, and the delay in symptoms can range from five minutes to three hours after the accident.

For more on Traumatic Brain Injuries visit MayoClinic.com.

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