Most Common Summer Injuries in Valley Center

The summer months in Valley Center are often times for vacations and recreation, but it is important to know that certain kinds of personal injuries can occur with frequency during warm weather. As such, it is essential to understand various summer injury risks, to take precautions to avoid harm, and to seek advice from an experienced Valley Center personal injury attorney if you or your child sustains a serious or life-threatening injury as a result of another party’s negligence. The following are among the most common injuries that affect people in Southern California from June through September.


When a person is outdoors in the summer heat for too long without adequate hydration, heat exhaustion can occur, and heat exhaustion can eventually lead to heatstroke. Many workers who do construction work and related jobs outdoors can be at particular risk for heatstroke.


Sometimes sunburns can be severe, especially when people spend an extended period of time in the sun without proper protection. Can another party be liable for a sunburn injury? If your child is at school or in a summer daycare or recreational program, the school or program could be liable if your child does not have adequate sun protection.

Drowning Accidents and Deaths

While Valley Center residents often enjoy swimming year-round at the beach and in swimming pools, recreational swimming increases during the summer. It is important to know that drowning is a serious risk for children and adults alike. While adults are most likely to suffer injuries in a drowning when they swim after consuming alcohol, young children can be at risk of a drowning accident when they are left unattended in the water for even a short time. Even if a child survives a near-drowning, Medscape emphasizes that patients need to seek medical attention in order to treat any resulting conditions like pulmonary edema or pneumonitis. 

Drowning accidents can happen when lifeguards do not perform their jobs reasonably, or when pool areas are not properly enclosed to prevent young kids from getting into pools.

Diving Injuries

Given that swimming increases during the summer, so does diving. When people dive into shallow areas, they can suffer serious traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), fractures, and cervical spine injuries that can result in permanent damage to the spinal cord, according to Medscape.

Car Accident Injuries

While you might assume that car accident injuries decline in the summer since the typical inclement weather risks associated with wintertime are not present, car accident injury rates actually increase in the summer. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), the summer months are a time when more motorists are on the road, and more people are taking vacations. Accordingly, with more drivers and an increase in road traffic, the chances of a serious collision also increase. If another motorist causes a crash in which you or someone you love sustains serious injuries, you should seek advice about filing a personal injury claim and holding that motorist accountable.

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