New Study Says Three Concussions Likely Will Result in Serious Brain Damage

Have you or someone you love sustained a concussion in a motor vehicle collision in Rancho Bernardo or another type of accident in Southern California? Whether you or a loved one recently sustained a concussion in an accident for the first time or now suffered a subsequent concussion, you may wonder: how many concussions are too many before I experience long-term damage? To be clear, even a single concussion can have long-term consequences, and you should certainly speak with a Rancho Bernardo brain injury attorney if you have suffered a concussion in an incident resulting from another party’s negligence or intentional act. 

Multiple concussions tend to put a person at greater risk for serious brain damage and neurological issues in the future. A new study suggests that “three concussions seems to be a turning point for brain issues, and further injury worsens symptoms.”

Our Southern California injury lawyers want to discuss the study and its potential implications for people who have sustained concussions and other forms of traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Brain Injuries Can Cause Long-Term Damage

There are many different types of accidents and incidents in which people tend to suffer TBIs. As you may know, concussions are mild TBIs, while more dangerous TBIs are classified as moderate or severe TBIs. Yet even concussions — including a single concussion — can have consequences later in life. In addition, a single moderate or severe TBI is likely to result in life-long brain problems. 

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Oxford, the University of Exeter, and Kings College London looked at the long-term effects of TBIs and just how many head injuries are necessary to cause long-term issues. Their findings were published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Neurotrauma.

Any Concussion is an Issue, But Three or More Could Be a “Turning Point”

An article in Insider discussed the recent study. It noted how the researchers determined that “just one moderate-to-severe concussion, or multiple milder concussions, can cause lasting issues with memory and attention later in life.” If a person sustains an additional TBI, their symptoms will likely worsen. Yet perhaps most notably, the researchers found that “experiencing three mild concussions is linked to worse attention span and problem-solving ability,” while “experiencing four or more concussions was linkd to memory problems and slower processing speed.”

The study emphasizes that people at a higher risk of concussions and other TBIs — as a result of their jobs or as a result of their participation in certain contact sports or recreational activities — need to consider preventive measures more carefully. Indeed, as the Insider article underscores, people at high risk and people at any risk need to take “proactive measures” and seek medical attention as soon as they may have sustained a TBI.

Contact a Rancho Bernardo Injury Attorney

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