New Study Suggests Brain Injury May Increase Risk of Brain Cancer

If you suffer a brain injury in San Clemente, are you more likely than someone who has not suffered a brain injury to be diagnosed with brain cancer later on? In other words, is there a link between a person sustaining a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and their future risk of brain cancer? According to a recent study published in the journal Current Biology, there may indeed be a link between brain injuries and brain cancer. The study was conducted by researchers at University College London (UCL), and it could have implications for personal injury cases involving brain injuries and brain cancer diagnoses. What do you need to know? Our San Clemente personal injury attorneys can discuss the study with you, as well as its potential implications for a brain injury claim.

Head Injuries Cited as a Contributing Factor to Brain Cancer Diagnoses

The new study was reported in Docwire News, and that site explains that the study is notable because it reveals that “head injuries could be a contributing factor in the development of brain cancer later in life.” To be sure, the researchers determined that “genetic mutations, combined with brain tissue inflammation, changed the behavior of cells, making them more likely to become cancerous.” While previous evidence used to link brain injuries with brain cancer was “inconclusive,” the new study could prove that head trauma can be linked to brain cancer.

More specifically, the researchers suggest that head trauma could be specifically linked to gliomas. As the report from Docwire News clarifies, the study showed that, in the aftermath of a brain injury, “astrocytes can exhibit stem cell-like behaviors and are therefore able to form a tumor.” In addition, the researchers determined that “after brain trauma, the cells had reverted to a stem-like state with markers of early glioma cells that could divide.”

Research May Have Human Implications, Too

While the recent study involved research on mice, the authors of the study also analyzed medical records of people who had sustained brain injuries at various points in their lives. In total, the researchers assessed the medical records of more than 20,000 patients who had suffered a form of head trauma. In looking at those records, they determined that “patients who experienced a head injury were nearly four times more likely to develop brain cancer later in life than those who had no head injury.”

Dr. Simona Parrinello, one of the authors of the study in Current Biology, said: “We know that normal tissues carry many mutations which seem to just sit there and not have any major effects . . . . Our findings suggest that if, on top of those mutations, an injury occurs, it creates a synergistic effect. In a young brain, basal inflammation is low so the mutations seem to be kept in check even after a serious brain injury.” Yet, for older patients, the risk can be more pronounced.

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