Non-Profits Help Injury Victims at Christmas Time

A major injury can cause major financial burdens, particularly at Christmas time. In San Diego County, there are a few non-profit charitable organizations founded by injured individuals and their families that are there to help. The Can’t Keep Me Down foundation, founded by Bobby DuCharme of Mira Mesa who was paralyzed in a surfing accident, and the Del Mar foundation HeadNorth, founded by Eric Northbrook, who was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident, have stepped up big time.

In today’s Union Tribune are stories of local families who face the arduous task of caring for someone who has suffered a serious injury. For example, Maria Rodriguez was having a tough year and an event tougher Christmas. She cares for her 15-year-old son, who was rendered quadriplegic in an accident, when the transmission on the transport van failed. Then the home she was renting was foreclosed upon, forcing her to move. The events drained her savings.

That’s when the Can’t Keep Me Down foundation entered the scene. The DuCharme family filled the Rodriguez’ living room with a big television, clothes, toys, and holiday decorations. The HeadNorth foundation added to the giving with furniture and a Christmas tree.

As an unemployed single mother with four children, Maria Rodriguez already has a tough life. But it’s been even tougher lately. “We’ve been blessed with amazing, amazing people in our lives,” said Rodriguez.

The Union Tribune story, which can be found by clicking here, profiles the stories of other accident victims.

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