Oceanside Auto Accident Claims Life

An Italian tourist is under arrest for vehicular manslaughter after his car clipped another car on southbound I-5 last night causing a major auto accident. According to reports, a PT Cruiser being driven by Alberto Allari drifted across lanes and struck an Toyota RAV-4, causing the Toyota to lose control and roll several times. Leslie Sheila Foster, a resident of Valley Center and a passenger in the RAV-4, died at the scene.

Interestingly, police have stated that it is not believed that alcohol or speed played a roll in the accident, though Allari was arrested at the scene under allegations of vehicular manslaughter. While vehicular manslaughter can be charged against any person who violates a traffic law, and that violation results in death, it is typically reserved for those who are driving under the influence, speeding, or with a history of reckless or negligent driving.

This tragic case will be one to follow.

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