Orange County Blast Kills Two, Injures Two

An electrical water heater exploded yesterday in a Rancho Santa Margarita plastics factory, killing two employees and injuring two others. The men killed, Isidro Echeverria of Oceanside and Jose Jimenez of Garden Grove, were working the night shift at Solus Industrial Innovations when the blast occurred.

Investigators are trying to determine what caused the explosion, which was so forceful it buckled walls and blew chunks of concrete into the air.

Attorney Randy Walton was involved in a very similar explosion case five years ago when a water heater exploded in a San Diego County factory and seriously injured two employees. A lawsuit was filed against the water heater manufacturer for designing and manufacturing a defective product, as well as against a propane distributor for its contribution to the accident.

It is very likely that OSHA investigators will determine what caused this Orange County accident, which will likely be related to the design, manufacture, instillation or maintenance of the water heater.

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