Pedestrian Injuries in Poway: Collisions Versus Falls

What is more dangerous: a pedestrian injury in a motor vehicle collision or a pedestrian injury in a fall? According to a new study in the Journal of Urban Health conducted by researchers at the Columbua University Mailman School of Public Health says collisions result in more severe injuries, but falls could be the bigger public health issue in the present.

New Study Considers Severity of Injuries in Collisions Versus Falls

The Columbia University researchers looked at recent data on pedestrian injuries sustained in motor vehicle collisions and those sustained in falls, and they concluded that collisions tend to cause injuries that are more severe, but falls occur more often and impact older adults at a significant rate.

In the data studied, there were nearly 34,000 pedestrian injuries in motor vehicle collisions identified, and about 32% of those injuries were classified as severe. Although only 19% of the fall-related injuries were classified as severe, more than 118,500 were identified. In other words, there were more than 22,500 severe pedestrian injuries in falls (and many were older adults) and about 10,800 severe pedestrian injuries in motor vehicle collisions. And the authors of the study emphasize those types of falls tend to be understudied.

Liability for Pedestrian Injuries in San Diego County

When a pedestrian suffers an injury in Poway or elsewhere in San Diego County, who is liable? Liability will depend on the details of the case, including how and where the accident occurred. To be clear, liability for pedestrian injuries resulting from motor vehicle collisions is typically quite different from liability for pedestrian injuries resulting in falls. As such, you should discuss the details of your case with a lawyer. But in general, parties commonly liable for pedestrian injuries include:

  • Negligent motor vehicle drivers;
  • Negligent bicyclists;
  • Cities, municipalities, or private property owners responsible for maintaining sidewalks; and
  • Designers or manufacturers of defective vehicle parts when those defects cause collisions.

Improving Pedestrian Safety in Southern California

While it is essential for pedestrians to understand how accidents happen and who may be liable, it is also critical for urban and suburban areas in Southern California to address pedestrian safety. Increased sidewalks and safer places for pedestrians to walk and cross streets, as well as improved lighting, can help to reduce the rate of pedestrian injuries caused by motor vehicle collisions. When it comes to pedestrian injuries caused by falls, cities, and towns, need to attend to the particular needs of aging populations as they walk.

According to the study in the Journal of Urban Health, policies need to change and structural improvements need to be made. In particular, the authors of the study recommend new policies that clarify who pays for sidewalk repairs and their timing, other important sidewalk maintenance issues, and the installation of “robust surveillance systems for monitoring pedestrian falls occurring on sidewalks.”

Contact a Poway Pedestrian Injury Attorney Today

Pedestrian injuries in Poway and throughout San Diego County can occur in a wide range of ways, from collisions with negligent motorists in cars and trucks to slips and falls on sidewalks or in public places or retail locations. It is critical to discuss the particular details of your case with a Poway pedestrian accident lawyer who can help you determine liability and assist you with your claim. Your options for filing a claim will depend on who is liable and other facts that are specific to your case. Contact the Walton Law Firm for more information and to discuss your options for seeking compensation. 

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