Personal Injury – Do I Need A Lawyer?

One of the most frequent questions Walton Law Firm gets from potential clients is, “Do I need a lawyer?” While there is no set answer, here are some general guidelines. You probably need a lawyer if:

1) You need more than one doctor visit to treat your injuries. Generally, if your injuries are such that you require two or more doctor visits or physical therapy, in addition to incurring medical bills, you are going to miss some work. When the bills start mounting and medical insurance gets involved, you probably need a lawyer.;
2) You’re in a car accident and your vehicle sustains over $1,000 in damage. Generally, the higher the amount of damage to the car, the higher the forces transferred to the occupants. Of course there are exceptions to this so the amount of damage to a vehicle alone is not a determinative factor.; or
3) The other party denies responsibility for the accident. If the other party was at fault but denies it, you will definitely need an attorney as their insurance will likely not settle without a fight.

If you’ve been in an accident which meets one or more of the three criteria above, please do not hesitate to contact Walton Law Firm for a confidential and free consultation. If you’re going to need a lawyer, it’s better to get them involved earlier rather than later.

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