Police Looking for Hit-and-Run Driver After Escondido Pedestrian Fatality


Law enforcement authorities in Escondido are looking for a white truck that fatally struck a 23-year-old pedestrian in Escondido yesterday. According to witnesses, at around 10:10 pm last evening (February 3, 2014), a white “U-Haul style” box truck hit 23-year-old Benjamin Ramirez on Bear Valley Parkway just west of Boyle. The truck slowed momentarily and then sped away.

Police believe that the truck may have been damaged to the front left side, and may now be making a rattling sound.

Mr. Ramirez was an Escondido resident who was known to walk in that general area.

Police are looking for assistance in finding the white truck. Anyone with information about the accident is asked to call the Oceanside CHP at (760) 757-1675 during business hours, or (858) 637-3800 after business hours.

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