Proposed California Law to Address Tire Dangers

Assembly Bill 496 would require tire dealers in California to disclose the age of a tire before selling it, and informing consumers about the dangers of using older tires. It is easy to spot a worn and potentially dangerous tire, but what about the tire that looks brand new, but is actually many years old? Overtime, adhesives and the rubber used in tires will degrade, even if the tire is not used, greatly increasing the odds of tread separation, and thus an automobile accident. A new-looking tire can actually be very dangerous.

Take for example the story of Ramon Romero. When Romero went to get a new tire for his 12-year-old Ford Explorer, the dealer recommended he use his spare, which had never been used and looked perfect. Little did he know the rubber had become hard and brittle over time. Shortly thereafter, while traveling 65 miles an hour on the freeway near Temecula, Moreno’s tire blew. The Explorer rolled, and his 10-year-old brother was ejected and killed.

The Consumer Attorneys of California is calling this bill one of the most important consumer protection bills in the state, and is urging consumers to contact their state representatives.

To read the latest version of the bill click here.

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