Ramona Plane Crash Being Investigated

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the cause of plane crash in Ramona that killed both passengers. The plane was doing aerobatics when a wing suddenly fell off the home-build plane, causing it to plunge to the ground.

According to several witnesses, the aircraft began to have engine trouble and appeared to stall in the air before losing the wing and falling to ground.

“My whole family was screaming and ran into the house. My youngest daughter ran under the kitchen table,” said witness Eric Barron, a pilot who lives nearby. “It looked like the wing had become partially detached from the airplane and the plane was disintegrating as it was falling down.”

The plane was identified as a Bakeng Deuce, described on its website as “low, slow, and uncomplicated – in harmony with the pure pleasures of basic, simple flight – no cowl vents, no retractable gear, no constant speed prop.” The question for investigators is whether this is an accident caused by pilot error, or whether there was some inherent defect in the plan that caused it to fail.

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