San Diego Auto Accident: Severe Car Accident Injuries on the Decline Nationally

A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows a decrease in the annual number of incapacitating injuries due to auto accidents of 25%. It defines an incapacitating injury as a severe non-fatal injury that prevents the injured party from walking or driving, or the ability to continue the pre-accident activities of daily living.

Much of the decline in auto accident injuries is attributed to many improvements made in vehicle safety and driver behavior over the last decade. It’s really no surprise. Seat belt use is now commonplace and expected, child safety seats are in regular use, and the incidents of drunk driving have also been in decline. In addition, cars are safer than ever. Air bags are now a standard feature on newer cars, as well as stability control.

This is all good news. But there are still too many car accidents that result in personal injury. All the technology and public service announcements in the world can’t prevent the negligent or careless driver from being negligent and careful. But it is nice to know that the roads are becoming increasingly safer.

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