San Diego Boy Drowns in Neighbor’s Pool

The day before summer began, a 5-year-old boy from the Rolando area drowned in his neighbor’s pool. On Sunday afternoon, neighbors learned that Nicholas Norman was found floating face down in a home on the 4000 block of Loma Alta Dr.

Neighbors told investigators that the little boy was at home with his father and siblings, but it’s unclear how he ended up in the backyard with the pool.

“I’ve been living here for 30 years and it’s the first tragedy we’ve ever had to live through,” neighbor Judy Fleichman told San Diego 6 News. “He was probably just wanting to explore, that’s my guess.”, from the San Diego chapter of the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association lists “Safe Kids Drowning Prevention – 5 Truths”:

1. Weak or No Supervision – Children can drown quickly and silently in a matter of seconds, and frequently when an adult is present but distracted. Adults must actively supervise young swimmers.

2. No Barriers – Children who are curious can easily fall into any body of water. Pool and spa owners should make sure there is a barrier around the pool or spa when not in use.

3. Weak or No CPR Skills – Victims of drowning who are pulled from the water need CPR immediately. Learn CPR skills.

4. Weak or No Swimming Ability – Children from households that do not swim are eight time more likely to drown. Enroll your children in swimming lessons.

5. Lack of Life Jacket – Every year more than 700 people drown in open waters, and of those victims, nine in 10 are not wearing a life vest.

To investigate swimming lessons in your area, call Safe Swim at (858) 414-5159
The family of Nicholas J Norman has set up a memorial fund at Mission Federal Credit Union. Donations can be made at any branch location.

Source: San Diego 6 News

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