San Diego Crime Stoppers Addresses Hit-and-Run Accidents

In recent months, San Diego has seen a number of fatal hit-and-run injuries and serious pedestrian accidents. Most notably, authorities recently asked for help in identifying a truck involved in an Escondido hit-and-run, while a San Diego mother died after being struck by a truck while walking her daughter to school. Is there a way to help curb these hazards in Southern California? According to a recent article from NBC San Diego, the city’s Crime Stoppers group is “looking for ways to help put an end to a recent rash of deaths stemming from hit and run accidents.”


Based on the report, San Diego has seen a “recent spike in hit and runs,” and it led Crime Stoppers to think about how it can provide financial incentives to catch drivers who flee from the scene of an accident. The organization emphasized that it wants to “help create an incentive that would shake loose more information.” In short, Crime Stoppers believes that the solution may involve “big money for tipsters” who can provide valuable information about hit-and-run accidents.

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Recent Hit-and-Run Incidents in Southern California

According to NBC San Diego, the unfortunate hit-and-run trend that seems to be developing in Southern California began on January 31st, when a motorcyclist, Seamus O’Bryan, died after being struck by a white sedan that fled the scene of the crash. Only three days later, a white box truck struck and killed Benjamin Ramirez, 23, as he was walking home from work in Escondido. According to reports, the truck “slowed then left the scene.” Less than one week later, Alonso Flores Pacheco, 81, died while crossing the street in San Ysidro. His son witnessed the accident and noted that the car “just kept going.”

Since hit-and-run accidents often leave victims with severe and sometimes fatal accidents, it can be difficult to catch the drivers who fail to stop. According to Crime Stoppers Officer Jim Johnson, the primary problem with solving hit-and-run crashes is limited information about the driver. Without a clear idea of who caused the accident, solving these “frequent crimes” can be quite a challenge.

Crime Stoppers Hopes to Increase Cash Rewards

Since hit-and-run accidents nearly always rely on witnesses in order to be solved, Crime Stoppers believes it may be able to entice more bystanders to provide information about the drivers who perpetrate these crimes. Johnson told NBC San Diego that Crime Stoppers is operating under the assumption that, if a witness isn’t “willing to call for $1,000, maybe they’ll call for $10,000.” As of right now, the highest reward amount for tips concerning felony hit-and-run cases is $1,000. Higher amounts, like the $10,000 rewards offered for tips in arson cases, are considered “restricted” rewards. Johnson explained that “restricted rewards money is earmarked . . . specifically for a type of case or type of crime.”

Yet, NBC San Diego emphasized, “eyewitnesses are key to solving hit and run crimes.” Indeed, without eyewitnesses, “the trail goes cold quickly.” Crime Stoppers is seeking out private donors to add to the reward amount for tips related to hit-and-run accidents, and they’ll also be asking local governments “to fund a hit and run restricted rewards program in San Diego.”

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