San Diego FedEx Truck Crash Kills Two, Injures One

Our San Diego truck accident lawyer was saddened this week to read reports of yet another deadly crash on our area highways. This latest San Diego truck crash struck last night on Interstate 805. According to reports in the San Diego Union-Tribune, the crash occurred just past 10 p.m. on the highway’s southbound lanes just south of Clairemont Mesa Boulevard. It involved a small sedan and a Federal Express semi with two trailers being pulled. Highway%20trucks.jpg

The California Highway Patrol reported that the accident is still being investigated, however a few early details are known. It seems that a Federal Express semi truck somehow T-boned the car. The car suffered significant damage, with the impact occurring on the passenger side of the vehicle. The broadside impact caused the car to spin off the roadway; the tractor-trailer eventually made its way to the center divider of the freeway. As is often the case, this San Diego Fed-Ex crash was deadly. A front seat passenger, 56-year old Thoy Insixiengmay as well as a woman in the back-seat of the car, 59-year old Tem Thirakul were both killed in the collision. The driver has yet to be identified; however, she was taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital in serious condition. All of the victims are thought to be from the San Diego area.

Our San Diego trucking crash attorney knows that so many of these collisions involving semi-trailer end up causing severe injury and death. It is no surprise that these large machines are capable of severely injuring those in the smaller vehicles around them, particularly when traveling in high-speed areas like freeways. The immense risks associated with these collisions make it imperative that truck owners and operators do everything possible to ensure that there are no lapses of safe driving practices.

Authorities are still investigating this crash to better understand what went wrong. When these incidents strike, there are usually a variety of legal issues to be considered. Any potential liability will likely depend on different facts such as the speed of the truck at the time of the incident, the condition of the weather, the specific reason that the car spun out, and similar issues. In addition, it will be important to determine if there were any problems with the roadway at the time and if both involved vehicles were in proper working order. While it is usually a combination of personal mistakes on the part of drivers that lead to crashes, other parties may also play a role. For example, those who provide maintenance to a vehicle may be liable for mistakes that their negligence causes. Similarly, public bodies charged with maintaining roadways safely may bear responsibility if any problems are found with the road structure, its signage, and other road maintenance issues.

No matter what the investigation uncovers, all those involved in this incident and their families should be sure that their interests are protected. It is vital that a San Diego truck accident lawyer be consulted. The attorney can explain how the law applies in this situation and reveal what options are available to the victims following the tragedy.

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