Santee Accident Kills Family after Accelerator Gets Stuck

In what can only be describe as an unbelievable tragedy, an off-duty California Highway Patrol officer, his wife and daughter, and his brother-in-law were all killed yesterday when the accelerator on the Lexus they were in got stuck, preventing the car from stopping or slowing down. What makes this car accident tragically ironic is that the CHP officer who was killed, Mark Saylor of Chula Vista, was a safety officer, who inspected school buses, ambulances, tow trucks and armored vehicles.

According to reports, the Saylor family was traveling in the Lexus on northbound 125 at around 6:30 pm. Someone from the vehicle allegedly called 911 to report that the accelerator was stuck. Shortly thereafter, the Lexus – a 2009 ES 350 on loan from Bob Baker Lexus – then traveling at more than 100 mph, clipped the back of an SUV and veered of the road, went through a fence, then burst into flames.

At the time of the accident, Saylor was nearing his 20th anniversary with the CHP. “He was an outstanding officer who was well-respected by his peers,” CHP Officer Brian Pennings said.

Investigators are trying to figure out what caused the accident, and if the allegations about the stuck accelerator are true. In 2007, Toyota Motor Corp. recalled more than 30,000 floor mats used when allegations were made that that the mats would slip forward and jam the accelerator. Could there be a connection?

Source: North County Times / San Diego Union

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