Sleeping Street Sweeper Kills Bicyclist on San Diego Roadway

A 77-year-old man driving a street sweeper fell asleep behind the wheel and veered into that path and striking a bicyclist on Friday. The cyclist, 44-year-old Suntat Peverley of Mira Mesa, died later that evening.

According to reports, the street sweeper was traveling southbound on Genesee Avenue near Clairemont Mesa Blvd. when it came up behind Peverley and, without slowing, struck him from behind. Peverley was thrown to the pavement, striking his head, and causing a severe brain injury. The victim was wearing a helmet.

What is also unclear is who the street sweeper was working for at the time of the incident, and why he was out in the busy streets during rush-hour on a Friday. Also, what is a 77-year-old doing operating heavy equipment? No doubt these answers will be sought in the legal action the family should certainly pursue.


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