Strangulation Deaths of Three Children Prompt Recall

Six window covering companies, and their retailers, are recalling millions of window coverings after three children strangled to death on the cords that come with the product. The companies include Lewis Hyman, IKEA, Lutron, Pottery Barn Kids, and were sold at stores such as Target and Expo Design Centers.

Of the deaths, two were being attributed to roll up blinds manufactured by Lewis Hyman, Inc. of Carson, California, and the other to a window covering produced by Vertical Land Inc. of Florida. Those two companies have recalled almost 5 million window coverings. Millions of other companies have recalled their similar defective products as a precaution.

Because of the large numbers of blinds being used on windows nationwide, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission initiated the recall effort for all “closed-loop or continuous loop window coverings” in the U.S. The closed loop coverings have been a concern for decades, and are attributed for at least 300 strangulation deaths involving children, many more deaths go unreported.


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is urging consumers to remove any closed-loop window coverings immediately, and to obtain a retrofit kit through the manufacturer. Such kits are free.

For more information about the recall, and how to contact the manufacturers, here’s a link to the USCP website.

Source: LA Times

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